Aboca chose us as the main partner to increase awareness of the product RuscoVen BioGel.

The activation of 16 heterogeneous talents allowed us to study and implement a strategy that used a mix of awareness and conversion.

Each talent created 3 sets of IG stories and 1 reel and/or Tiktok, starting with highlighting a common problem that could engage their community and then proceeding in a natural way to discover the RuscoVen BioGel product in a way that made clear the veracity of the research, trial, and final review of the product.

The reel format was created to generate awareness around the brand and the product, which is meant to accompany every woman in her daily challenges and to remind her to thank her legs for supporting her every day, as the campaign concept reads.

Each talent interpreted the brief following their own tone of voice, fitting the product best into their daily storytelling. The result was a diverse campaign with informative, humorous and even moving content.