Only a united team can create great projects.

We’re changing the way the Influencer Marketing is perceived to spread enthusiasm and confidence reviving an industry that has been standing still for too long.

Connecting brands and ideas

Our True Passion

Behind every project is a highly coordinated and organized team: everyone has his or her own task, everyone has his or her own goal.
Training and constant study are essential to move the TooPowerful machine, and our people are highly specialized in impressing our partners.

The Powerful team:

  • Gianluca Vago

    Account Director

  • Nicola Castelletti

    Account Manager

  • Silvia Chiesa

    Account Manager

  • Arianna Brioni


  • Giulia Bosi

    Senior Project Manager

  • Angela Esposito

    Project Manager

  • Elisa Bessone

    Creative Strategist

  • Elisabetta Massardi

    Community Manager

Empower the InfluenceEmpower the InfluenceEmpower the Influence

Our happy partners

Our happy partners


Let’s make something great together!

We innovate influencer marketing with a powerful strategic vision, incubating hundreds of communities and creating sensational content.

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(+39) 351 5499 084

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